It's a phrase that scares many businesses. Custom software development is often used for companies that have unique business processes that aren't easily mapped to specific technology products. It's an effective approach-if done with the necessary foresight. At Mectoi, we've spent the past 2 years crafting custom software. It's because our partners see how effective we are at it.

Typically, we leverage quality products wherever possible - like .NET and PHP for eCommerce or Sharepoint, Drupal and Adobe for Content Management. But for unique ideas and business models, sometimes it's necessary to start from scratch. Whether you're an entrepreneur who's looking to build the next Dropbox,

Uber or Spotify or you're a business who just needs better software to fit around your ops, we treat custom software development in a modular fashion: We build out custom components where necessary, and seamlessly integrate existing products to minimize your risk, overall project timeline, and cost to implement.

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Software Development Process

  • Identifying key business processes that need to be supported by the technology.

  • Defining off-the-shelf components that can be used to save time and resources.

  • Developing the necessary custom modules that fit tightly with the business model.

  • Integrating custom and off-the-shelf software to work together as a single system.

  • Extending the platform's features as new needs, customers and opportunities arise.